Nastia Cistakova
Illustrator and artist


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A Blind Man’s Game 

Mijn nichtje maakte Engels huiswerk en ik maakte er illustraties bij. Het is een verhaal over je GUILTY voelen als een nine year old als je je schuld hebt gemaakt aan nalatig behaviour, omdat de kleine sister van je friend de stairs off dondert. Het verhaal gaat in op de knoop twisting feelings in your buik en de overthinking dat comes met it. Is ze dead? Wat to dragen to the funeral? And who is THE SCHULDIGE???


CJP Magazine: Een ode aan het festival dat nooit is geweest

This summer I would have made an ass out of myself on Down The Rabbit Hole and some other festivals. But since Miss Rona has taken our summer vacation hostige to the Galemisos, CJP decided to create a beautiful fanatasy world In which we would have partied!!!

CJP asked Renske Derkx to take some drone photographs of the festival sight and asked my very capable corpse to create the illustrations. 

Yeet the Rich

A series of artworks commissioned by Concordia Enschede with the support of Mondriaan Fonds. These artworks are a series of left over drawings, paintings and sketches that are used to make new artworks. The leftover drawings are combined and made into collages, paintings, textile works, wood cuts and drawings.  


Tivoli Vredenburg: Talkshow Truus

Truus is often used as an excuse. But we focus on Truus. Who is this Truus anyway? In Talkshow TRUUS we look at current events, (online) culture and life questions from a feminist point of view. We investigate what we encounter and how we can support each other with analysis, advice, practical tips and dreams. We speak all kinds of Truzen. Not as an excuse, but precisely because we love to let them have their say. 

A Perfect Day II

A Perfect Day is a platform where artists reflect on our absurd, poetic, frustrating and glorious daily life, through drawings with text, accompanied by music and performances. It organizes events (online and offline) and, in collaboration with artists, gives a stage to this art of drawing.

For this exhibition I created a new series of artworks revolving around the theme of self love.