Nastia Cistakova
Illustrator and artist

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Nastia Cistakova
Illustrator and artist


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ABN AMRO + We Transfer

A cover for the financial report of We Transfer, Commissioned by ABN AMRO

Yeet the Rich

For the exhibition: "Es fühlt sich so an dat er een waslijst met dingen is über die wir sprechen müssen maar veel te weinig tijd", Concordia Enschede asked three artist, Lotte Reimann, Hilde Onis and Nastia Cistakova to create an artwork for their exhibition space.

For this exhibition, I created an installation that features renewed artworks from leftover sketches and ideas. The leftovers are made into collages, paintings, textile works, woodcuts, and illustrations.

This project was supported by Mondriaan Fonds.


A Blind Man’s Game 

Mijn nichtje maakte Engels huiswerk en ik tekende er illustraties bij. Het verhaal gaat over je GUILTY voelen als een nine year old als je je schuld hebt gemaakt aan nalatig behaviour, omdat de kleine sister van je friend de stairs off dondert. Het verhaal gaat in op de knoop twisting feelings in your buik en de overthinking dat comes met it. Is ze dead? Wat to dragen to the funeral? And who is THE SCHULDIGE???


Joek and Zus live in a house full of junk. They have way too much stuff and are unable to find anything anymore. Soctopus, a cuddly stuffed animal, also lives in their home. He eats all of Joek and Zus's belongings and has grown enormously. His sock tentacles are everywhere!

Together with robot Sien, Joek en Zus are on a mission to defeat Soctopus. But how do you win from a pet that gets bigger from eating your things? Fortunately, Joek and Zus have enough imagination to outsmart Soctopus!

This seek-and-find book is suitable for children from the age of 4 up to 100+ years old. The book is written by Jowi Schmitz and illustrated by Nastia Cistakova. Soctopus is published by Uitgeverij Volt.
A Perfect Day II

A Perfect Day is a platform where artists reflect on our absurd, poetic, frustrating and glorious daily life, through drawings with text, accompanied by music and performances. It organizes events (online and offline) and, in collaboration with artists, gives a stage to this art of drawing.

For this exhibition I created a new series of artworks revolving around the theme of self love.