Nastia Cistakova
Illustrator and artist

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Nastia Cistakova
Illustrator and artist


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De Stem

A Best Wishes card commissioned by Stichting Democratie and Media! STDEM is an organization that invests in independent, critical journalism and a strong, just constitutional democracy. They wanted to wish their staff a prosperous 2023 and a lot of hope to carry on their mission for the upcoming year. The illustration centers around the connection between people as tools for the collective power of positive change. 

ABN AMRO + We Transfer

A cover for the financial report of We Transfer, Commissioned by ABN AMRO

A Blind Man’s Game 

Mijn nichtje maakte Engels huiswerk en ik tekende er illustraties bij. Het verhaal gaat over je GUILTY voelen als een nine year old als je je schuld hebt gemaakt aan nalatig behaviour, omdat de kleine sister van je friend de stairs off dondert. Het verhaal gaat in op de knoop twisting feelings in your buik en de overthinking dat comes met it. Is ze dead? Wat to dragen to the funeral? And who is THE SCHULDIGE???

Tivoli Vredenburg: Internationale vrouwendag

Women's Day, is that still necessary in 2021? Yes! Because women do, make and say great things, but – still – often don't get the same platform or the same recognition as men. Consider, for example, the pay gap, the lack of women at the top or the number of women we hear on the radio. Fortunately, there are many women who want to change this, and you can hear a number of them in TivoliVredenburg celebrates International Women's Day: The Talkshow.

De Bezige Bij: Extinction Rebellion

We live in an exceptional time. Everything is at stake: our well-being, our future, and our mom: Planet Earth. Together we can end the global climate crisis. No one has to watch helplessly. But it's now or never.

This book gives your head the knowledge, your heart the fire, and your hands the tools to take action against extinction and for life.

My contribution contains an artwork advertising an urn for Mama Earth. As the Dutch saying goes: De een zijn dood, de ander zijn brood.